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maincontact: add new matrix client sessionStarfall2 weeks
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2021-10-10contact: add new matrix client sessionHEADmainStarfall
2021-09-22correct purple to pink on mutant standard cheatsheetStarfall
2021-09-13contact: remove Vega from matrix sessionsStarfall
2021-08-20contact: finally got personal email set upStarfall
2021-08-19contact: add rel=me to mastodon linkStarfall
2021-08-19contact: Updated Matrix session key for HezeStarfall
2021-07-30replace tabs div with fieldsetStarfall
2021-07-26Add fullwidth class for figures to restore old behaviorStarfall
2021-07-26Add footer to all pagesStarfall
2021-07-26Move about page back onto indexStarfall