dotsStarfall's dotfiles
ev-novaA handful of simple plugins we've written for Escape Velocity: Nova (Windows ver...
ophiculusUnfinished attempt at a Gemini client written in Python
passStarfall's gpg-encrypted password store; see
strike[WIP] Simple static blog generator.
www-starfall-systemsWeb source for
cgitWIP fork of to change default idle time behavior 3 months
nvmnvm fork to add support for ZDOTDIR; see also weeks
sysadmin-prompt.zshWIP zsh reimplementation of
barkeepA mastodon bot for showing the world the best your instance has to offer.
emojiCustom emoji for the Plural Café Mastodon instance
mastodonPlural Café fork of Mastodon/Glitch Social
utilsUtilities and notes for own deployment