meteorProof of concept Python script to use the NWS weather API 18 months
spellbookSmall scripts 3 weeks
trinketsLearning exercises and old or abandoned projects 3 weeks
cgit-pinkweb frontend for git (fork of 19 months
dotsdotfiles 9 weeks
hatchArch PKGBUILD repository 6 months
passgpg-encrypted password store; see 5 weeks
themesxfce4-terminal theme presets 8 months
webWeb source for 3 weeks
HackersHackers is a quick & punchy print-and-play card drafting & hand management card ...19 months
pronoun.isShow people how to use pronouns! [Main site appears to be down, we may host this...19 months
uldSamsung printer drivers. Consider installing samsung-unified-driver from the AUR...6 months
barkeepA mastodon bot for showing the world the best your instance has to offer. 3 years
emojiCustom emoji for the Plural Café Mastodon instance 3 weeks
mastodonPlural Café fork of Mastodon/Glitch Social 15 months
utilsUtilities and notes for own deployment 15 months